How To Prepare for Traveling?

Packing is a Most Important Role in Traveling. Start your Packing one week Before your trip. Pack your essentials first. The most important thing while traveling First, save the map of the place where you want to go on your phone. While traveling You should always carry a traveling bag. Not using a simple bag … Continue reading How To Prepare for Traveling?

Shortcut keys for tools of blender

Information About Blender Software

Blender is open-source software. That we can use for 3D Animation, Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, and also VFX. Blender is also used for making movies, games, cartoons. Shortcut keys for tools of blender Ctrl+O = Open File.Ctrl+S = Save File.Ctrl+N = New File.Ctrl+Z = Undo.Ctrl+Shift+Z = Redo.Ctrl+Q = Quit.F1 = Help (context-sensitive)F2 = Rename Active Item. … Continue reading Information About Blender Software

computer shortcut keys

Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

In this write-up, we discuss useful computer keyboard shortcut keys. These shortcut keys will help you while working on the computer. These keys will save your time. Keyboard Shortcut Keys Shortcut KeysDescriptionAlt+FFile menu options in current program.Alt+EOpen Edit options in the current program.Alt+TabSwitch between open programs.F1View help information (F1 is used by almost every Windows program to display help).F2Rename a selected … Continue reading Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys